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There's a new FarmVille on the way to town today!
Zynga is releasing FarmVille 2 to the masses this afternoon on and for the Facebook platform, and we have got some exclusive sneak peeks and details to discuss.
Zynga was kind enough to invite us to some special web demo of FarmVille 2, and we've seen firsthand how a new game will continue to work. Trust us about this one ' it's an all-new experience you should try out! Find it here:
The most important thing FarmVille players should know is the fact that FarmVille 2 will definitely not be replacing FarmVille. Our original FarmVille game is still updated with new content; Zynga's commitment on the game will never be changing in any respect. FarmVille 2 will exist independently, so users can start to play one or both from the games if they'd like.
The FarmVille 2 storyFarmVille 2 is not only just a game, it is really an interactive story. When you initially arrive, you will be greeted with a postcard welcoming you to the family farm. Players will be coming with a traditional farm, which has a throwback to the good old days. FarmVille 2 boasts people, a peaceful life, nature and harmony. Zynga has come up with new ways to make farming matter. You'll not be harvesting crops for Farm Coins. Now, you'll be harvesting strawberries for actual strawberries, which in turn is going to be used for various things on the farm.
Connecting with friendsThe most effective feature in FarmVille 2 can be your friends. The game will bring the act of being neighborly to a new level. Now, if you ask friends to assist you on your farm, you will find the power to decide precisely what they will do. Lined up on hay bales outside of your farm, you just drag and drop your pals onto specific things so they can do for you personally. The higher your level, the greater friends that may be waiting for you if you arrive. Also, in case you send a buddy a request plus they respond immediately, you will note them coming to assist you in real-time. No more refreshing your farm to find out if someone has helped you!
Less stress, more funThe events of quickly begging for items before a quest ends have left in FarmVille 2. The more peaceful approach mafia wars takes would be to give players small challenges with no time limits in it. If you want to participate, it is possible to. If not, a new one will come the next day.
Farming exposed to lifeOne with the neat things about FarmVille 2 is that the game comes to life. The farm space is tuned in to your actions, the animals move more realistically, as well as your own avatar actions are lifelike and swift. Even the decorations for the overall game are interactive and animated.
Farewell, combinesFarmVille 2 players do not possess to invest Farm Coins and beg for Combine parts. They're not needed in any respect, in reality. FarmVille 2 carries a new grabbing technology, where you'll simply highlight (drag your mouse over) the crops or plots you want to take care of, and it's done all-in-one click.
Cows give milk. Imagine the conceptThis time around, once you harvest a cow, you will get milk. Chickens will give you eggs. Goats will leave you with some goat milk. You may even get several bags of fertilizer at their store. You'll be using these items throughout the overall game, as everything is connected. You harvest a well for watering crops, harvest the crops for food, feed the animals with that food, collect goods from your animals and after that craft together.
Forget about energyOne in the things FarmVille players were concerned about was a potential energy bar in the overall game (comparable to several other Zynga games). There will likely be NO energy in FarmVIlle 2. You can play as long as you'd like, do as much things as you'll be able to, and never have to worry about awaiting energy to refill.
Expanding your farmYou will likely be able to buy land expansions for your farm with Farm Coins! You'll see a whole new expansion process, where goats actually walk up to your expanded land and clear it for you personally by eating all the grass. It's pretty amazing to watch.
My crops are prepared NOW.In FarmVille 2, should you don't need to wait for a crop in order to complete growing, it is possible to simply drop a helping neighbor onto the crops. When an associate helps, your crops will instantly be ready for harvesting.
Quests are comingFarmVille 2 may have quests, but they are not anything like what we have got now in FarmVille. These relaxed quests will likely be limited inside number that appear immediately, so they'll always be there but they won't be overwhelming for your requirements.
The Village GrocerYou'll soon satisfy the Village Grocer. His job is usually to offer to purchase some of your goods and make you some Farm Coins. The wonderful thing about the Village Grocer is that he will only request things you've already got available. For example, in the event you've got several lime trees ready to harvest, the Village Grocer may ask one to sell him 5 limes. You can participate in the event you'd like, however, you also have the option of ignoring him. He'll automatically keep coming back the next day and obtain something different. If you do tend to sell him what he wants, you'll earn points towards exclusive rewards that aren't available anywhere else in the overall game.
Where's the coins?One from the things that has carried over to FarmVille 2 is Farm Coins. You won't be earning them by performing tasks, however. This time around, you may get Farm Coins by crafting. You can craft things such as pies and food, that you just in turn will sell on your own roadside stand. The coins you earn can be spent however you choose.
Will it work?FarmVille 2 will are powered by Flash 11 technology, meaning players should see a big difference in load time, as well as their farm won't 'freeze up' mainly because it sometimes does inside the current game. Zynga has created it less difficult for players to advance things around on his or her farm spaces too ' now, we'll just be right clicking something to move it, and left clicking it to lower it down.
Save your moneyZynga has let us know it is possible to play FarmVille 2 while not having to spend real cash. All with the tasks may be done stress-free and without needing to spend farm cash in the last minute to get it done. Of course, you CAN buy Farm Cash for decorations, animals and anything else you'd expect, nevertheless, you definitely won't need to use it for tasks (unless you need to).
What's next in FarmVille 2?Stay tuned to FarmVille 2 for brand new features just like the upcoming Village Center. You can get a sneak peek of it in the distance in your current farm. This will likely be a social hub for farmers to obtain together and have even more fun in the action by meeting new friends and getting exclusive items.
Now, go play!FarmVille 2 can be acquired now. Be sure to catch all the latest gossip on the game within the Zynga Community Forums, and for the FarmVille Examiner Facebook fan page.
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